Pakdis group factories produce a variety of products in accordance with Iran standards and international standards. The company succeeds in obtaining the international standard ISO 9001 and HACCP from TUV NORD Germany and the factories of this company are equipped with standard labs and quality control system. Comments and control, begins with selection and receipt of fruit and the stages of production and maintenance of the product in the warehouse and the delivery of the product to the consumer, so that the product provide customer satisfaction. Besides, according to the company's commitment to the production and delivery of products that provide consumers with complete satisfaction, Pakdis Co. has put the periodic survey in order to get the latest consumer insights on the quality of its products and regularly performs it every 6 months to put valuable customer opinions and ideas at the top of the company's efforts to meet their needs. Also, the company succeeded in obtaining the statue of the best firm from the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2006. The use of world-class technology in processing and packaging is the key to the company's actions and actions in order to

provide the best quality with the aim of attracting customers' confidence and satisfaction.

The main goals of the company in terms of sustainable development are as follows
Increasing the health and safety level of the company's products
Increasing staff training and health
Product and market development through launching lines and producing new products
Achieving a larger share of market
Maintenance of equipment and machinery affecting quality and health, at the appropriate and desirable level
Reducing waste production and stopping times
Increasing employee participation in company affairs
Taking steps to progress, using the EFQM